Xplosive Metal – Pursuit Of Honor CD Review

September 11, 2011

REVIEWED BY: Caroline Restiaux

What I love most about metal is that it is quite diverse. You have so many bands out there that are made up of distinct characteristics, elements, and qualities. Where some bands lack in musicianship they gain in vocal ability, some have stronger guitar solos and others kick ass when it comes to drumming. When you find bands that encompass all of these strengths it’s hard not to turn the volume up and crank it to 10. This is the case with Detroit’s very own Battlecross.

I admit to sleeping under a rock when it comes to these guys because I had never heard of them before and this is their 2nd full-length release however it’s their debut with Metal Blade. The band has only been around for 4 years now and they already have a mature sound about them and they bring out brutal technicality in their music. The best way for me to describe their sound is to say that it’s extreme death/thrash/tech metal. The release is full of juice and by that I mean it’s dynamic and filled with tons of energy.

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