Metal Kaoz – Pursuit of Honor CD Review

October 7, 2011

Before I begin with this review, let me first of all say that sometimes those surprises – that is when you expected something and something else pops up – are what I like most in our music. This happened with BATTLECROSS and their second full-length album, “Pursuit Of Honor”. The promo sheet from their record label was characterizing them as Heavy Metal. On other web places around the net people were saying about Thrash / Death Metal, the old school way. And the story goes on and on… So I was like, “Wow, let’s do this!” and I hit the ‘play’ button. And here is where it begun.

What I got was NOTHING (and I mean almost nothing!) to what you may imagine from what was said above. Even though the name of the band, the logo and the title of their album was all about the things mentioned above, their music was different. And it was damn freakin’ good actually! Despite the fact that I hate labels and genres, mostly because sometimes they create borders for a metalhead in order to listen to a band, I would characterize BATTLECROSS as melodic Death / Thrash Metal band.

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