Metal Forge – Pursuit of Honor CD Review

October 7, 2011

There is almost something Master of Puppets about the album on first impression. You have the album cover for starters, which has a similar aesthetic feel to it, and then you have the opening number, ‘Pursuit of Honor’, which is very reminiscent to the opening of ‘Battery’ before that flurry of guitars comes crashing in. The 38 second opener leads into ‘Push Pull Destroy’ which does not come initially across as hard-lined as the likes of ‘Battery’ but it does simmer with infectious rhythm and Gunther’s vocals drill right into your ear drums and seer away at your brain all before the song slows, the bass line picks up and the guitar solos give a little insight of what’s to come.

And it is within those first two tracks that Battlecross take their stand: firmly rooted in good old thrash metal but with a heavy dose of death metal also running through their style of “Blue Collar Thrash Metal”.

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