Blabbermouth – Pursuit of Honor CD Review

October 7, 2011

“You realize, you’re wondering what’s the burning that you smell?” was a line from classic cut “Lethal Tendencies” by former Metal Blade artists HALLOWS EVE way back in the decade of the ’80s. What’s that have to do with the price of olives in Turkey? Not much; just that Detroit’s BATTLECROSS is part of a new generation of heavy thrashers on the Metal Blade roster. And that smell stinging your nostrils is coming from the series of raging infernos that is “Pursuit of Honor”.

Screaming guitars, shrieking vocals, guttural punch, and melodic sensibility all wrapped up in big ole’ bucket of Motor City metal ruckus is much of what’s happening on the group’s debut album. The basis is traditional thrash metal, but not in a retro wannabe sense, and is delivered in a package that is modern, yet avoids being too cookie-cutter; melodic, yet not “pretty” or cleanly sung. Often crossing into death metal heaviness and showing some compositional skill, “Pursuit of Honor” is above all else inanely energized.

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